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SQL Accounting

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SQL Account - Your Ideal Business Software
Check out why more than 250,000 companies trusted SQL Account.

SQL Account enhances workplace performance, reduces human error, and maximizes profits through our stable, dependable, and developed software functionalities.Our system's wide range of functions includes data collection and analysis, accurate reporting formats, inventory maintenance, and SST processing.
When you choose SQL Accounting software, you will also receive an abundance of online resources to support your journey in using this system. Regardless if it’s an on-premise or cloud accounting software, SQL Account is the best.
SQL Account - The No. 1 Accounting Software in Malaysia
More than 250,000 companies are using SQL Accounting software to manage their daily business transactions.

SQL Account is trusted by businesses both locally and internationally. SQL account is the best accounting software that packed with a plethora of useful features that are tailored to enhance your business processes. Speed up your book-keeping procedure so that you can focus on other equally important aspects of your business.

SQL Account’s wide range of functions include data collection and analysis, customizable reporting to suit your business workflow , inventory, Commission calculation, e-Commerce solutions and SST processing. SQL Account is available in both cloud-based and desktop application.

We provides an abundance of resources to support you and your business throughout the use of our software. SQL accounting software comes with top quality support. Why depend on self-search or robot generated answers when you can get a qualified human to answer your questions.

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SQL Accounting Software Favoured Features
SQL Account is an accounting software that is suitable for all businesses, from small businesses to large organizations. It is crucial to find a business solution that suits the nature of your business. The right accounting software will broaden the horizons and expand business opportunities for you. Choose the best accounting software in Malaysia for your company. SQL Account is user friendly & can be integrated with no fuss.
Access Anytime, Anywhere
Access your account & manage your business anytime, anywhere.
Batch Emails Statements
Email statement to all your customer individually with password encryptions in one simple click.
Special Industries Version
Accountant set, shipping and forwarding, property management, construction, distributor, motor vehicle system, photocopier meter.
Real-Time CTOS Company Overview Reports
Provide SQL Account users a financial standing overview of their customers and suppliers. Helping users make better business risk assessment.
Advance Security Locks
Allowed users access into the documents with restricted by advance level locks, such as hide salaries in cash book.
Intelligence Reporting
Comprehensive reporting such as commission collection reports, tracks your top 3 profitable customers, annual comparison of profit & loss.
SQL Account

Sales and Purchase
What's unique?
Profit Estimator
Get the best estimation of profit before you send out your quotations! The profit estimator works by accessing the actual cost of the item. But you can also enter your desired profit amount or profit margin and we can computer what your selling price should be!
Partial delivery with back order reports
SQL Account’s backorder report makes it easier for you to do partial delivery. With this report, you can examine the levels of pending orders and be informed of the expected delivery date for delivery planning
Multiple Pricing & AI selling price assignment
The Multiple Pricing feature lets you set separate sales price for dealers and end-users in the easiest way possible. Our latest AI selling price assignment supports bulk qty pricing, priority following quotation, and also allows you to set pricing with limited time validity
View Top selling product & customer
SQL Account’s report designs come with flexible grouping and filtering function. You can view the top/bottom 20 products , customer, agent and more using the Evolutionary flexible Mix & Match SQL Reporting with complete drill down to individual source functions
Itemize profit and loss document report
Do you want a report that displays the profit gained from sales? Do you want the profit to be grouped by items/invoice? SQL comes with a user definable data mining tool that allows you to pick the data that you want to analyze. For eg, items with a profit margin of less than 5%
Batch email customer invoice / customer statement of account
Are you still manually sending customer statements? With SQL Account bath email feature, you can automatically send out all statement of account to respective customers in just a few clicks. You can also set a password encryption for the documents sent.
Whatsapp Integration
Step it up by using Whatsapp to send your business documents! SQL Account is the first accounting software integrated with Whatsapp feature, now you can send Quotation, Invoice, Statement of account and many more documents to your clients via Whatsapp with a few simple clicks.
Comprehensive and Customisable report format
SQL Account comes with a variety of report formats for all documents. SQL also has a user friendly report designer tool. Now, you have the liberty of creating a report that you want anytime and anywhere!

Need a report?
Our sales module comes with a plethora of sales reports such as Sales Document Listing, Outstanding Sales Document Listing, Sales Picking List, Customer Price History, Profit and Loss by Document, Sales Analysis by Document and Yearly Sales Analysis.
What's unique?
100% accuracy for stock costing
SQL stock costing with FIFO, weighted average, you can even backdate transactions and our system will automatically calculate the costing.
Smart automate stock reorder advice
SQL has a smart automated stock reorder advice function. With this, you can generate a purchase order just by using a drag and drop function.
Multiple Warehouse Management
Track your inventory beyond the warehouse. Perform stock transfers between inter-branch, consignment, van sales & more.
Multiple UOM
Set your stock item with multiple units of measurement, like unit, box, carton! You can even set different UOM for the product that you purchased and sold. For eg. You purchased a product in carton but sell it in unit.
Unlimited stock category
Assign your stock by category and view any stock report by filtering category or grouping by category for flexible reporting.
Barcode Generation
Create your barcode and raise you invoice by scanning a barcode during your sales transaction, you can even print barcode sticker from SQL!
SQL Manufacturing
SQL Manufacturing comes with Job order function that can help you in your production material planning, configure accurate production cost calculation based on real time costing method, landing cost allocation method, manage work-in-progress for finished product and stock batch expiry control.

Need a report?
The stock module comes with Stock Document Listing, Stock Reorder Advice, Stock Physical Worksheet, Stock Card, Stock Month End Balance, Stock Aging and Stock Analysis by Document
Sales and Service Tax
Automate sales and service tax for all documents.
SQL Account will automatically set sales and service taxed in your invoice so that you nvr have to worry about forgetting to include tax in your invoice.
SST-02 draft
Want an estimate figure for your sales tax? process SST-02 and check the estimation. You can make changes in this draft if you need to.
SST-02 Report
Completed SST report compliant to Royal Malaysia Custom Department. All sales, purchase, exported sales, exemption for sales and purchase will be populated by the system.

Need a report?
SST-02 report, SST Listing, advance filtering for SST listing. pivot table for SST Listing
Others Good Features
Foreign Currency (with Advance currency bank)
Buy and sell from all over the world. SQL advance currency module (inclusive of Customer, Supplier, foreign currency bank account) automates all currencies transaction, has accurate gain loss calculation, and supports report comparison between local and foreign currencies.
Project Accounting
Our software has extended our accounting functions by not only generating Profit & Loss by project and multiple years of retained earning by project, but also making it possible to Balance Sheet reports by project too.
Item Template
Create combination of few product as packages, easy for invoice billing by single click.
Landing Cost
Cost apportionment into product costing such us transportation cost apportionment into few product costing.
Sales commission calculation
* Special unique feature
Do not limit your commission plan with us, we support a variety of commission scheme, e.g. partial payment partial commission, profit margin-based commission calculation, collection days with different commission rate, different group of items have different commission rate.
Unlimited user defined fields
* Special unique feature
SQL Accounting is the best accounting software can cater from small business to large organisation. SQL Account has user defined fields that can be easily altered and customized. With user defined fields, you can create the perfect document that suit your business size and workflow.
Serial number
Unique serial number for each product quantity, trace balance qty with serial number info, check serial number inquiry & stock balance listing by serial number.
Global price changes for all items
Update all items pricing by increase or reduce, it can be update by group of product, adjust the group of product by increase percentage or value.
Customisable suite to your unique business policy
Tell us what you need, and we can make our system compatible with your business. This makes us the best accounting software. From purchase invoices that requires an approval to complex calculations-based functions, we do it all.
Click here to view more customizations

Need a report?
Stock Document Listing, Stock Reorder Advice, Stock Physical Worksheet, Stock Card, Stock Month End Balance, Stock Aging and Stock Analysis by Document all from the Stock Module.
What's unique?
Fast entry multiple invoices in single interface
Key in bulk invoices using fast entry listing screen or import data directly form Excel document. Speedy invoice generation with just 1 click.
Advance SSM number power search
A useful feature recommended by Tax Accountants. SSM Power Search opens the path for fast, real time connection to SSM Malaysia. This comes in handy when you need to search for a company's registration number in your bill payments to ensure Tax Compliance.
Customizable customer aging formula
Flexible and customizable customer ageing formula that was made to fit any business. Need a -precise calculation of Credit Terms, due date calculation, or rounding to next month end? Our formula can do it all.
Advance Credit Limit & Credit Control
Has your customer been holding an outstanding amount for an extended period of time? To prevent this, you can set not only credit limits in SQL system, but also an OVERDUE limit. With this, you can prevent creations of delivery orders & invoices for an overdue customer.
Automated document knock-off feature by FIFO
Having trouble managing invoices? Wondering why you have outstanding invoices even after receiving payment? SQL Account has a smart feature for you to knock off all invoices using FIFO, in 1 simple click.
Post-dated Cheque and bounced cheque management
Effectively manage your post-dated cheque and bounced cheque easily in SQL account. Our system will automatically reconfigure the accounting entry for your bounced cheques.
* Special unique feature
SQL Account is the only accounting software in Malaysia that integrate with real time CTOS financial data. It provides SQL Account users a financial standing overview of their customers and suppliers. Helping users make better business risk assessment.

Need a report?
Customer module has a wide range of reports such as Customer Document Listing, Customer Balance Report, Due Document Listing, Aging Report, Customer Statement, Customer Post Dated Cheque Listing, Customer Analysis by Document, and Customer Sales and Collection Analysis. Each of these reports have been proved to work well with multi-currency.
What's unique?

The features listed in the customer module are also applicable for supplier module. Below are the supplier module's extra features:

Bank Giro function for all banks
Create multiple bank accounts for each supplier if necessary. You can select the bank of your choice for each payment that you make and generate e-banking giro integration.
Fast, accurate, user-friendly features
Our supplier module contains an array of features like: fast entry for multiple invoices, flexible aging formula setting, advance credit limit & credit control, auto knock off invoice after payment, post-date cheque and bounced cheque management, and many more!

Need a report?
We provide a wide range of reports that are detailed and user-friendly at the same time. The supplier module comes with:  Supplier Document Listing, Supplier Balance Report, Due Document Listing, Aging Report, Supplier Statement, Supplier Post Dated Cheque Listing, Supplier Analysis by Document, and Supplier Sales and Collection Analysis. Each of these reports have been proved to work well with multi-currency.
General Ledger
What's unique?
Flexible Financial Reports
Customizable date range comparison lets you view your financial report in eg 24 months or more. Flexible Calendar year vs financial year reporting. SQL Account also supports multiple project comparison
Unlimited level of GL Account
Create unlimited sub accounts and financial reports. View it in a summarize format or by sub account details.
Advance security document lock
* Special unique feature
You can limit your employees’ access and control what they can do. For eg, Junior users are allowed to access cash book entry, but NOT documents with the selected keyword. For example, if the keyword is “director fees”, junior users will not be able to view the document
Easy Drill down to source documents
All our reports are built in with a smart drill down feature. Double click any figure in your financial reports, and you will able to see the detail of the source document
Multiple companies consolidation account
Use SQL consolidation account to evaluate group companies financial performance without any hassle.

Need a report?
SQL Account provide a comprehensive range of financial reports such as G/L Document Listing, Journal of Transaction Listing, Transaction Summary Listing, Ledger Report, Trial Balance, Receipt and Payment report, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet Statement.
Special Industries
  • Accountant set
  • Shipping, Freight and Forwarding
  • Property Management
  • Construction Company
  • Distributor, Wholesaler
  • Services Company
  • Motor Vehicle System
  • Transportation
  • Photocopier Meter Reading
  • Paper Industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Glass and Aluminum industries

Need an assist?
Contact us for more industries based solutions.
SQL Account is a SST certified accounting software made for your business.
 System Requirement

Recommended Hardware: PC with an Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon processor and above, 4 GB RAM and above, Broadband Internet connection to use the SQL Remote Desktop

Supported O/S: Windows 7 and above

Supported Database: Interbase, Firebird Server

SQL Payroll Software

Sales: +017-891 6008
Support: +04-530 9586
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What's unique? SQL Payroll software is built from ground up around Payroll Process. You can easily process and print from one to hundreds of employee's pay slip with just a few mouse click. What's more is that you can virtually keep unlimited payroll history and have your data safe and sound with strong security and data protection.

SQL Payroll is so simple! Discover how you can go from payroll processing to printing pay slips in just a few steps.
SQL Payroll Feature
Sync Across All Devices
Everything you need to make your business grow super fast!

SQL Payroll Software Favoured Features
SQL Payroll software brings simplicity into the complex nature of Human Resource management. This payroll software comes equipped with HR management, leave management, PCB tax calculator, and is compliant to Malaysia labour laws & government regulations.
Certified By Statutory Bodies & 100% Accurate
Compliant with employment requirements in Malaysia. Inclusive of KWSP, SOCSO, LHDN, EIS, HRDF, EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, Income Tax CP39, and Borang E ready. SQL Payroll software is ready to use with minimal setup for all companies.
Electronic Submission & E-Payment Ready
SQL Payroll Software E-submission format are prepared for all banks in Malaysia. Maybank, CIMB, HLBB, Public Bank & many more
Batch Email Payslip
Securely send payslips to employees using batch email with password encryption
Comprehensive Management Reports
Print payroll summary, yearly payroll individual report, contribution info report & many more.
Unlimited Year Records
Records salary info for unlimited amount of years & print EA forms for any year
E Leave Mobile App
Apply for leave anytime anywhere with speedy approval from management. Get managerial view of individual leave reports and EA forms

Monthly Payroll System
What's unique?
Quick and Easy monthly payroll processing
Enjoy speedy payroll processing and view each earning breakdown with an intuitive screen display
Flexible amendment
Edit payroll processes anytime anywhere with SQL Payroll software. Experience accurate, real time recalculations of statutory contributions.
Compliant to all local legislation
SQL Payroll is compliant to all Malaysian statutory bodies like KWSP, LHDN and SOCSO. Our system saves you the trouble by auto calculating EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and PCB contribution. To ensure flawless calculations, our PCB calculator comes with the latest contributions rates.
Batch email payslip individually with password encryption
Send individual payslips by batch with the batch email feature. Every e-mail sent comes with a password encryption to ensure utmost privacy and security
Statutory reports with e-submission
SQL Payroll software contains all necessary statutory report forms like EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, PCB Income Tax CP39, and EIS Lampiran 1
Bank Giro electronic payment - more than 25 Malaysia banks
Make salary payments via electronic submissions. More than 25 Malaysia banks including Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, Cimb bank, public bank can be used to perform bank giro on SQL Payroll Malaysia software.
Pending payroll transactions
Enter overtime, claims, allowances, bonus, leaves, tax benefits, and other deductions in advance and incorporate it later on into the final payroll for that particular month
Unlimited month end process
Process multiple month ends by groups. You can process separate month end for different groups of employees. Eg, you can process the salaries for the sales group on the 25th of every month and the other groups on the end of every month.
Form EA and Borang E CP8D
Generate employee forms EA and employer form E and also perform e-submission with SQL Payroll software
Comprehensive management report
Our wide variety of customizable reports and payslips allow you to create the ideal report that truly represents your corporate identity and business nature.

Need a report?
SQL Payroll software provides payslips, payroll summary, credit bank report, cheque listing, contribution info listing, and HRDF report

Need a government report?
We provide government reports like: EPF Borang A, Socso Borang 8A, Socso Borang 2, Socso Borang 3, EIS Lampiran 1, EIS Borang 1, EIS Borang 2, Income Tax CP 39, Income Tax CP 39 A, CP 22, CP 22 A, CP 8, CP 159, e-Data Praisi, Lampiran B (PCB Audit), Zakat Borang Skim Berkat, PCB 2, CP 8D (Borang E).
Leave Management
What's unique?
Unlimited leave type
SQL Payroll HR software lets you manage multiple leave types for your employees. Including annual leave, unpaid leave, and medical leave. Create more leave types based on your business needs like compassionate leave, study leave and others.
Leave Group entitlement
By using leave group entitlement. You can set the number of leaves a group of employees are entitled to. You can create a group for managerial group, sales group, and contract worker group.
Leave calendar application
Checking your leave application has never been easier! Effortlessly view your applications using our calendar mode
Flexible unpaid leave formula
SQL Payroll software design with simplified interface, you can set your unpaid leave formula as easy by select the numbers of calendar method (labour law compliance) as well as by custom days setting example 26 days.
Set your own unpaid leave formulas by selecting the day of unpaid leave taken on the calendar (compliant with labour law) and the customizable number of days.
Annual Leave brought forward
Annual leave can be brought forward to the next year. All you have to do is set the maximum number of days and the system will do the rest.

Need a leave report?
SQL Payroll HR software consists of a complete and comprehensive set of leave reports such as leave application report, leave balance report, leave entitlement report, and yearly leave report.
SQL E Leave - payroll app apply leave anytime, anywhere
What's unique?
Employee dashboard
Say goodbye to printing leave application forms. apply your leave with SQL E Leave mobile app anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the freedom of checking your leave status on your mobile and receive notification alert when your leave has been approved.
View unlimited month payslip info in your app
View your past payslips from an unlimited number of months on the e-leave app. you can check your salary details like wages, allowance, deduction, epf, socso and many more.
Unlimited years form EA record
Have unlimited access when referring to your past records of EA forms for a seamless and smooth process of e-filing on LHDN.
Manager Dashboard
Check leave pending approval, apply leave on behalf of your employees, and check daily attendance all on your mobile phone! Leave application and leave balance reports can also be
Others useful function
What's unique?
Adhoc process
Process adhoc payment interval such as bonus, commission, as separate payroll payment. These payouts are separated from the usual payroll process.
Comprehensive HR software package
SQL Payroll HR software comes with appointment letter, confirmation letter, increment letter, assessment letter, termination letter and other letter formats that are necessary in any HR
SQL View - limit access to payroll process
Limit your employees access and process payroll by designated grouping. For example, manager level salaries can only process by HR manager. Regular HR staff only can view executive level salaries.
Manage employee loans with SQL Payroll software. SQL Payroll will auto deduct the loan from your wages based on the loan repayment rate and repayment period that you set. You can check your loan repayment history for reference.
Income Tax calculator
SQL Payroll automatically calculates all necessary tax contribution for you. But you can always use our Income Tax calculator to double examine payroll entries that you recorded.
Data import
Flexible data import / integration from any time attendance system in excel or csv format.
Unlimited year records
Unlimited year payroll records can be store in SQL payroll, reprint previous EA Form or view previous year payroll information from any year. Especially useful when you are called for a PCB audit.
Frequency process
Set Payroll frequency to process bi-monthly or even weekly salary. Our system will automatically proportion the salaries accordingly.
All government report ready
SQL Payroll software ready with all malaysia government report EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 2, SOCSO Borang 3, SOCSO Borang 8A, EIS Borang 1, EIS Borang 1A, EIS Borang 2, EIS Borang 2A, EIS Lampiran 1, Income Tax CP39, CP39A, Income Tax CP 39A, Income Tax CP 22, Income Tax EA Form, Income Tax EC Form, Income Tax CP 8, CP 159, Income Tax e Data Praisi, Income Tax CP 8D Borang E, Income Tax Lampiran B (PCB Audit) Income Tax Lampiran 2 (PCB Audit), Income Tax PCB 2(II), Zakat Borang Skim Berkat, HRDF
Mykad reading
Instead of manually keying in an employee’s information, use a mykad reader to retrieve all the necessary information that is needed by every employer and populate the employee master
Time management system
SQL Payroll can be integrated seamlessly with most time attendance systems. Sql Payroll calculates OT, Leaves, and allowances without any mistakes and minimal external interference.

 System Requirement

Recommended Hardware: PC with an Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon processor and above, 4 GB RAM and above, Broadband Internet connection to use the SQL Remote Desktop

Supported O/S: Windows 7 and above

Supported Database: Interbase, Firebird Server

Remote Access Solution

Welcome To The Future Of Remote Desktop Technology

  • Simple Network Software add to any accounting / HR server
  • Private Cloud Computing

What Are the Benefits

  • Work From Home
  • Without sacrifice family times
  • No traffic issues
  • Extra income
  • Labor shortage
  • Work From Home for experience staff
  • Branch PC direct access
  • Access from Smartphone
Accounting Firm :
  • Enlarge customers geographical
  • Lease competition
  • Accounting System for Rental
  • Always Up-To-Date

Turn Your Accounting System to WEB Isn't Expensive Anymore !

How it works ?

  • 1 software and 3 Steps  
  • Setup to any Host PC/Server (win7/8/10 or Win Server)
  • Modem Router port forwarding (Streamyx / Unifi / Maxis…)
  • Dynamic Hostname (NoIP / DYNDNS)
  • No client software for remote PC, iPAD, Smartphone


Hardware of POS System

Need to install new hardware for your POS system?

Call Us +6017-461 6978 and we’ll help you configure your point of sale system for your business. Some items are sold separately. Call us to build your system.


Receipt Printer Barcode Scanner 2D Wireless Scanner USB
Barcode Printer Cash Drawer Display Stand

SQL EBI Point Of Sales System (Wellness Point System)

SQL EBI Point Of Sales System

No matter if you run a beauty salon, spa, slimming center, hair salon, aesthetics clinic, or any wellness-related business, the SQL EBI POS System is the key to industry excellence. Our system is precision-engineered to perfectly align with the unique demands of your field, providing you with the tools to master the Triple Wins strategy for unparalleled business success.

Why Choose SQL EBI System?
No matter if you run a beauty salon, spa, slimming center, hair salon, aesthetics clinic, or any wellness-related business, the SQL EBI POS System is the key to industry excellence. Our system is precision-engineered to perfectly align with the unique demands of your field, providing you with the tools to master the Triple Wins strategy for unparalleled business success.
At SQL EBI, we’re committed to your triumph in the wellness industry. We know that success isn’t just about profit—it’s about creating a winning formula that delights your customers, empowers your staff, and drives your business to new heights.

Mastering Triple Wins With SQL EBI

Winning Customers
SQL EBI's membership feature lets you create loyalty programs and rewards to keep customers coming back. You can also offer credit and points to personalize services, which can boost customer satisfaction and encourage referrals. Plus, SQL EBI's sales analytics give you insights into customer preferences so you can create targeted marketing campaigns.
By using SQL EBI, you can achieve loyalty, drive repeat business, and increase referrals, all of which are essential for winning customer strategies.

Winning employees
SQL EBI's commission sharing system helps you empower employees, maximize performance, handle complex scenarios, such as treatment plans involving multiple staff members or the allocation of services among multiple therapists. SQL EBI POS also provides tools to inspire and engage employees, such as performance tracking, goal setting, and incentive distribution. SQL EBI's commission functions can create a team of motivated and successful employees.

Winning Business Empire
The key to a successful business lies in both happy customers who keep coming back and motivated employees. SQL EBI POS System is the essential tool that will accompany you on your journey towards triumph. As you build a loyal customer base and nurture a team of engaged and inspired employees, you're on the right track to creating a truly successful business.

SQL EBI POS System it’s a dynamic asset that grows along with your business. It adapts to your changing needs, ensuring that your systems and processes are always in sync with your business’s growth. What makes this journey even more successful is SQL EBI’s impressive array of features. These include :

Discover Our Range Of Wellness-Focused Customer Industries
With our expertise in the wellness sector, rest assured that all the essential functions required for each industry below are readily available.
- Hair Salon
- Beauty Facial
- Slimming Centre
- Massage Centre
- Dental Clinic
- Health Clinic
- Aesthetic Skin Clinic
- Hotel
- Car Wash Centre
- Pet Grooming Salon
- Yoga & Gym & many more

LHDN E-Invoice Malaysia

  • How LHDN Malaysia E-Invoice Will Impact Your Business, with Q&A
Mandatory E-Invoice For 4,000 Businesses With RM 100 Million Turnover

Malaysia LHDN E-Invoice - Part 1

IRB targets 4,000 businesses by August 2024 for mandatory adoption of E-Invoice by Malaysia LHDN for annual turnover of RM 100 million! By July 2025, E-Invoice will become obligatory for all businesses, irrespective of their sales threshold.

The e-Invoicing system is a significant step forward for the Malaysian government’s digitalization agenda. It is expected to have a positive impact on the economy and help to improve the efficiency of the tax system. The Malaysia LHDN E-Invoicing system is designed to improve the efficiency and transparency of the invoicing process. It will also help to reduce tax evasion and fraud.

What Is E-Invoice?
LHDN E-Invoice is not a human-readable PDF invoice. It is a machine-readable format. Malaysia LHDN e-Invoice only accepts machine-readable XML, JSON files, not PDF, DOC, JPEG, or email.
Every invoice must be sent to LHDN for approval and validation by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) before it can be printed as a verified invoice for your customer. IRBM will validation includes TIN and e-Invoice data structures / format. Upon validation of the e-Invoice, the supplier is obliged to share the cleared e-Invoice with the buyer after embedding the validated link (provided by IRBM) in a form of QR code on the e-Invoice. The QR code can be used to validate the existence and status of the e-Invoice via MyInvois Portal.
How Long Does E-Invoice Validation Take?
Refer to the IRBM e-Invoice guideline version 1.0, IRBM will develop the Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) Model where the validation is done instantly (or near-instantly) by IRBM.

Who Are Required To Implement E-Invoice?
Businesses in Malaysia can voluntarily adopt E-Invoicing with the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) from August 1, 2024. E-Invoicing will be mandatory for all businesses based on their turnover or revenue thresholds, and will be implemented in phases. Businesses with annual turn over more than RM 100 million the original implementation date of June 1, 2024 has been postponed to August 1, 2024. However, following the budget announcement by the Prime Minister on October 13, 2023, the implementation date for all other businesses has been bring forward by 18 months early to July 1, 2025. The implementation details are as follows:

What E-Invoice Information Will Be Store In IRBM Database?
Every invoice issued must include the following information, which will be stored in the IRBM Database. This information is required to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and traceability of e-Invoices. It possible also used by the tax authorities to verify the accuracy of tax returns.
General Information:
This includes the invoice number, e-Invoice type, e-Invoice purpose, e-Invoice date (current date)
Supplier & Customer Information:
This includes the supplier and customer’s TIN, name, address, email address, 5 digit MSIC code, MSIC description, website, contact person, and contact number, company registration number/individual myKad number/passport, SST registration number, currency, exchange rate
Item Information:
This includes the description, quantity, UOM, unit price, discount rate, discount amount, tax type, tax code, tax rate, and tax amount, tariff code, subtotal, total excluding tax, total including tax for each item on the invoice
Validation Information:
This includes the IRBM Unique Identifier Number, validation date and time, and validation status of the invoice
Digital Certificates / Signature:
Digital Certificates will be issued to taxpayers to enable them to attach digital signatures to e-Invoices. The digital signature will verify that the submitted e-Invoice data originates from a specific taxpayer
Additional Information (Optional):
This may include payment mode, supplier bank account, payment terms, payment amount, payment date, payment reference number, bill reference number, and other relevant information

What Is TIN Number?
A TIN number in Malaysia is a Tax Identification Number, also known as Nombor Pengenalan Cukai. It is a unique number assigned to individuals and entities registered as taxpayers with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM). The TIN number is used by the IRBM to identify taxpayers and track their tax records. It is also utilized by the IRBM to monitor taxpayer compliance and detect tax evasion.
The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) has announced an update to the format of Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) for Malaysian taxpayers. The new format will be effective from January 1, 2023.
The old TIN format was a 12 or 13-digit number, with the first one or two letters indicating the type of taxpayer, such as “SG” for individual residents or “C” for companies. The remaining digits constituted a unique identifier for the taxpayer.
The new TIN format will consist of a 13-digit number. The first two letters will be “IG,” which stands for “Individual taxpayer.” The remaining 11 digits will remain the same as the old TIN number. Here’s how to check your TIN number online.
For more information about the new TIN format, please visit the LHDN website.
SQL Accounting is a user-friendly accounting software that is compatible with Malaysia LHDN E-Invoice. With SQL Accounting, you can easily create and send e-Invoice to your customers. You can also track the status of your e-Invoice and ensure that they are properly validated by the IRBM.
What’s more, if you purchase a new set of SQL Accounting software effective 1st August 2023, you will be entitled to a free E-Invoice module up to 2028! This means that you can save money on the cost of LHDN E-Invoice and get started with E-Invoice right away.
Contact us today to learn more about SQL Accounting and how it can help you comply with E-Invoice regulations.
We also offer a FREE DEMO of SQL Accounting so you can see how our software can benefit your business.

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