E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Platform

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Malaysia First Private B2B & B2C eCommerce Platform

We connect suppliers and buyers and streamlined the business exchange the way you have never experienced before
  • A common platform to connect supplier & buyers
  • Catalog for regular customer
  • Purchase from supplier sell it to your customers on the same platform
All In One

We do all the heavy-lifting so that you can concentrate on making important business decisions and packed with great features that will meet the requirements of all businesses regardless of size and industry.


Order Management

A central order management system to manage orders received on the platform. Process order with quick action to transfer order to Delivery Order (DO) and Invoice.
Automated Email Notifications

Get notified by automated email notifications on important events such as new incoming order, new incoming payment received, daily reporting and etc.

Instant Invoice

Buyer will receive a purchase invoice whenever seller generate an official invoice on the platform. Purchase Invoices are curate and neatly display to buyer to track upcoming and overdue invoices. One step closer to shorter collection cycle and better cash flow for seller.
Beautiful & Comprehensive Invoices

We provide professional looking and beautiful invoices with all necessary details while complied to Malaysia’s tax regulation. We take care the invoicing for you so that you’ll never have to worry about invoice format again.

Inventory Control

Track inventory by multi locations to ensure the stock level of all SKUs are at the healthy level. Set a low stock alert to receive notification when stock level is below the alert threshold.

Key performance metrics are visualized in chart and graph to assists the management in making business decision. Operational dashboard highlight pending task such as order pending acceptance, partial fulfilled orders and etc.


Managing an in-house logistics team? No worries! Bixzee comes with logistics workflow that allows user to manage vehicles and drivers, perform automated truck capacity route planning based on truck capacity, item weight (kg), item volume (m3) and numbers of drop.
Customer Feedback Portal Coming Soon

A dedicated channel for buyer to send feedback to seller. Create conversation and engagement with buyer is an essential part to gain valuable insight on the overall customer’s buying experience.

Order Status Tracking

We promote transparency between buyers and sellers by allowing both parties to keep track the status of each order. This eliminates the needs to contact seller’s back office just to inquire order status which is a taxing task to both parties.
Business Intelligence (BI) Coming Soon

Data is collected at an incredible rate but it requires the right tools to work with. Get business insight with Bixzee Business Intelligence (BI) to analyze customers, products and sales trend to assists the management in making smart business decisions.

Personalized Catalogs & Pricing

Create personalized catalogs with selected list of products and negotiated price for individual customer or a group of customers. Update customer with new catalog and pricing has never been this easy before.

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